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Adrienn Kriston's

Vinyasa FLOWer &

Superhealing Yoga

About me

”… Please tell me the purpose of life!...” I put it to my Mother when I was around 10 waiting for the ultimate and immediate answer for the big question of life with great urgency. My Mother was more than surprised. And her answer, needless to say, was unsatisfactory to me especially at that time.

But the search for the Truth and meaning of life accompanied me in all through my life. Also the search for challenges both for my body and for my mind as well. I like to be close to Nature I like trekking, climbing, swimming, stand up paddling (SUP) or just watching the birds at their food and singing.

In the practice of yoga I found a complex system where philosophy and workout melt together with focusing of the mind and both physical and mental challenges.


Are you pushed for time? Would you like to receive  intense  personal attention? Are you in keen on personal progression?

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Adrienn Kriston (Yoga Alliance RYT-200)

Hatha Yoga Training (120 hours)

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (250 hours )

Vinyasa Flow Training (120 hours)

Vinyasa Flow Advanced Studies (25 hours)

 Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training (60 hours)

Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher Training (250 hours)

Spinal Recovery With Yoga Training (16 hours)

Relaxation and Meditation Teacher Training (160 hours)

Pranayama Teacher Training (52 hours)

 Therapy with Yoga (in progress)


My beloved and respectable teachers are

Bálint János, Bene Máté, F. Tóth Gabriella, Kádár Zoltán, Mezősi Anna, Papp József, Regősvölgyi Regina, Varga Judit.


I’m also deeply inspired by the practice and teaching of

James Higgins, Meghan Currie, Shiva Rea, Swami Veda Bharati.

My Traings

My Yoga:

Hatha, Restorative, Vinyasa Flow

Hatha Yoga

Classical yoga class built up with great precision. Active (ha) and relaxing (tha) phases of the practice alternates. Excellent for strengthening and stretching the body and training the nervous system. It helps to keep the body healthy but at the same time keeps the mind calm. 

Restorative Yoga

This nourishing yoga focuses on healing the body with its calming and tension releasing postures. Combined with pranayama (yogic breath) and relaxation practices. 

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Dynamic yoga with constant flow of movements. Especially offered for those who like challenges. Vinyasa flow yoga helps to warm up the body in order to release stress with the sequences of asanas (yoga postures) while the fluid movement create a peace of mind.  

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For private lessons, for further information on trainings, workshops, retreats or regular classes sign up here or contact me:

vinyasflower at gmail dot com

+36 20 284 6735

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